Associate professor (University of Ottawa -Faculty of Law), Barrister & Solicitor (Bar of Ontario), Prof. Fathally holds a Ph.D., an LLM, and an LLL from the University of Ottawa, as well as a Mse and a DUEJ from the Uni. of Tunis. He is a specialist in comparative and IHL with research and publications focusing on a variety of complex legal topics and current events that promote critical analysis and dialogue on the various relationships between law, religion, human rights & international humanitarian law.

Jabeur Fathally is a recipient of the Van Calker Scholarship (Swiss Institute of Comparative Law), the Gerald A. Beaudoin Scholarship, The Raoul Barbe et Yolande Larose Scholarship, and several other scholarships and grants (SSHRC-FFLR-LFO...). He is also an expert consultant to several intl. & intergovernmental organizations. He was the ad-interim Director of the Human Rights Research & Education Centre (HRREC-CREDP: ) & a co-founder & Executive Director of JuriGlobe ( ) since 2007. In 2015, he was awarded the prestigious Capital Educator’s Award by the Ottawa Network for Education (ONE). This award celebrates the achievements of outstanding educators. In the biography presented by the ONEF, he was called «a model of success for young people from immigrant backgrounds. «In 2013, with a «résumé» that then boasted over hundreds of national and international media appearances, Prof. Fathally was awarded the University of Ottawa’s Excellence in Media Relations Award, an impressive accomplishment given the University of Ottawa’s reputation as a leader in Canadian University media hits. According to the selection committee, he is ranked as the University’s “most popular expert among the Canadian public” and “he has become a model of excellence for his peers’’. This recognition led to him being hired in 2014 as a collaborator on the program “Les Voies du Retour” mounted by Radio-Canada. His article “The rights of women at the dawn of the Arab Spring: From ‘do not forget the women’ to ‘Women: do not forget! ” won the Paul Pinchaud award in 2013 for the best scholarly article. In addition to the excellence of the text, the Committee stressed its originality and its timeliness. In 2017, he was awarded the prestigious Richard Buxbaume Prize of YCC of the American Society of Comparative Law. In 2018, He was nominated by the Faculty of Law (Civil Law Section) for the Young Researcher of the Year Award of the University of Ottawa.

Jabeur Fathally is a member of the Faculty of Graduate Studies of the University of Ottawa and is entitled to supervise Ph.D. and Master thesis.